Updates from the Pennsylvania State Archive

Updates on the construction of the new Pennsylvania State Archives building in Harrisburg, PA and new ways to access genealogy records.

Updates from the Pennsylvania State Archive

Yesterday David Carmichael, State Archivist for Pennsylvania, spoke virtually to the South Central Pennsylvania Genealogical Society. He gave exciting updates on the construction of the new archives building and the future for records access.

To watch the entire presentation, go to the York History Center Facebook page. Here are the highlights:

  • The new 137,000 sq ft archives building will be mostly storage, however
  • Display areas will feature rotating items from the collection.
  • Researchers will find more tables, chairs, and better lighting.
  • Gone are microfilm readers. Digitized microfilm available to browse by image on computers.
  • Some digitized microfilm will become available to browse from home. Currently the PA State Library Power Library hosts the PA State Archive collection. (Note: these are not indexed and searchable)
  • The PA State Archive catalog of finding aids is now on Eloquent Systems, and will soon change it’s name to “The Arch.”
  • There is no date for post-Covid opening. It’s expected that appointments will be required. (When I hear anything I will put it in the newsletter.)
  • Archives staff are answering questions by email. You can contact them through the website pastatearchives.org.

I hope they have a grand opening party in fall 2022 to celebrate!