Podcast Episode 83: How to do Relatives at RootsTech

Once a year FamilySearch helps genealogists easily connect with their distance cousins and you don't want to miss this opportunity. Here's what to know about Relatives at RootsTech for 2024.

Podcast Episode 83: How to do Relatives at RootsTech

Imagine receiving a photograph of your great-great-grandparents from someone you've never met – a treasure from your past, unexpectedly revealed.

The thrill of such serendipity is hard to match, and I'm here to guide you through creating these moments at RootsTech 2024.

Engage with Relatives at RootsTech, Whether Near or Far

RootsTech, the event hailed as the Super Bowl of genealogy, offers an extraordinary opportunity to meet distant cousins and collaboratively explore your shared lineage. The experience, known as Relatives at RootsTech, isn't limited to those attending in person. Online participants too can enjoy all the perks. However, this door opens for just about a month, so the time to gear up your family tree is now.

Protecting Your Privacy is a Priority

One vital aspect of Relatives at RootsTech is the privacy it ensures. When using the RootsTech app, your personal identity stays shielded behind a username of your choice. This means all interactions with newfound cousins occur within the app's secure environment. So your email, phone number, and home address remain confidential unless you decide to share them later. Safety first, connection second!

Opt-In for Personalized Ancestral Discoveries

Remember, Relatives at RootsTech is an opt-in feature. No participation, no magical historical revelations. If you're intrigued and registered for RootsTech, you'll receive a notification from FamilySearch, inviting you to join in with just a couple of clicks.

The Right Approach for Successful Connections

Planning is crucial. Don't underestimate the value of scheduling time to forge new familial bonds. Mark your calendar for RootsTech running from February 29 through March 2, and allocate at least an hour a day to engage with others through the app.

Seize the moment to share and discover stories, photographs, and documents that paint the rich tapestry of your shared history.

Equally important is your mindset. Approach Relatives at RootsTech with positivity and openness, ready to embrace whatever ancestral knowledge comes your way.

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Make the most of the 2024 RootsTech Conference

Linking Up with the FamilySearch Shared Tree

For the uninitiated, FamilySearch aims to craft a unified family tree for everyone who has ever lived. To join this project, you don’t need to import data from other tree software anymore; begin inside FamilySearch. Input your immediate lineage, and soon enough, you'll likely link up with the larger shared tree.

Once connected, you’ll encounter collaborators who've enriched your ancestors' profiles with stories, photos, and documents. It’s not just a genealogical goldmine; it's a springboard for reaching out to those sharing your genetic heritage.

Taking the First Steps Towards New Family Bonds

Starting conversations with distant cousins need not be daunting. Should you need a little guidance, grab the free download available below. It offers prompts and tips to initiate heartfelt and meaningful exchanges.

Your RootsTech 2024 Checklist:

  • Register for RootsTech and opt into Relatives at RootsTech.
  • Set up or plug into your family tree on FamilySearch.
  • Reserve daily meet-up time during and after the conference.
  • Bring a positive and open attitude to your ancestral quest.
  • Initiate conversations using the provided conversation starters.

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Make the most of the 2024 RootsTech Conference

Join me at RootsTech 2024 and let's start a conversation that might just change your understanding of who you are and where you come from. As we anticipate the event, stay tuned for more insights on genealogy and how to get the most out of your RootsTech experience.

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