Podcast Episode 81: Making Plans to Have RootsTech 2024 Be the Best Genealogy Event Ever

Let's get ready for RootsTech 2024 together! Genealogy's biggest event of the year is just 40 days away and I'm starting my plans now. Join me in making this event the best ever.

Podcast Episode 81: Making Plans to Have RootsTech 2024 Be the Best Genealogy Event Ever

With the countdown to RootsTech 2024 at only 40 days away, it's time to get into gear and prepare for what's heralded as the Super Bowl of genealogy. In this episode , Denyse Allen, a passionate researcher genealogist from Pennsylvania, shares her proactive strategies to make the most out of this year's event, running from February 29 through March 2.

Let's dive into how you too can join in on the excitement of RootsTech, whether you're attending virtually from the comfort of your home or adventuring out to Salt Lake in person!

The RootsTech Rundown: What's in Store

RootsTech isn't just massive in scale; it's a powerhouse of energy, innovation, and community in the genealogy world. Imagine the thrill as industry leaders from various genealogy websites and software companies unveil their latest advancements. With a draw of attendance from around the globe, the event promises to be a hub of excitement and a great opportunity to connect with like-minded genealogy enthusiasts who share a profound appreciation for ancestry.

Key Highlights:

  • Over 250 educational sessions, with many recorded and live-streamed
  • A vendor hall featuring 120 exhibitors showcasing the latest genealogy tech and tools
  • Engaging keynote addresses and significant announcements

Denyse's Personal Prep Plan: Tips for the Ideal RootsTech Experience

Denise's approach to making RootsTech 2024 an unforgettable affair is methodical and infused with a personal touch. Here's how she and her husband plan to optimize their time at the event.

Lodging Logistics: Booking the Right Hotel

Choosing a hotel that provides proximity to the Salt Lake Convention Center, yet still offers a bit of a walking distance, ticks off both convenience and fitness boxes. Denise recommends the nearby Radisson or Hilton but encourages exploring Salt Lake's diverse hotel offerings.

Flight Foresight: Avoiding Weather Woes

Booking flights a few days before the event mitigates the risks of delays due to winter weather. This added buffer also affords time for sightseeing and enjoying Utah's breathtaking landscapes.

Culinary Crusade: Embracing Unique Eats

Leveraging insights from 'Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives', Denise plans to explore Salt Lake's culinary scene. She invites readers to recommend their must-visit eateries in the comments for a local gourmet experience.

Stepping Up: The Fitness Factor

A practical, albeit unique, preparation involves stepping up her physical activity to combat any convention fatigue. Aiming for 7,000 to 10,000 steps daily ensures she'll be energized to explore everything RootsTech has to offer without a hitch.

For Virtual Attendees: Making the Most of RootsTech Online

Don't worry if you can't make it to Salt Lake this year; Denyse has some excellent advice on how to create an immersive RootsTech experience from anywhere.

Mark Your Calendars: Claim the Dates

Block out February 29 to March 2 on your calendar as your genealogy getaway – no different from going on an actual trip!

Power Hours: Tune in to Key Moments

Set reminders for the live-streamed sessions, particularly the middle-of-the-day programs that feature big reveals and keynote presentations. You might even spot Denise there!

Shared Viewings:

Cook up some snacks and gather your friends, either in person or via video calls, to relive the thrill of the event with fellow genealogy buffs.

Easy Access:

RootsTech online is free—just sign up with your FamilySearch account. Stay alert for class schedules and updates by subscribing to the event's emails.

Join the Journey: Denyse's Countdown to RootsTech

Following Denise's RootsTech series is a fantastic way to stay prepared and pumped for the event. With her countdown underway, she assures more tips and sneak peeks into making the most of this genealogical extravaganza.

Share Your Plans and Thoughts!

As we buckle up for RootsTech 2024, Denyse urges fellow genealogy enthusiasts to share their preparatory tactics, suggestions, and excitement in the comments. How do you plan to make RootsTech 2024 the best one yet? Share your stories, and let's gear up for the ultimate genealogy adventure together!

Remember: "Treat yourself to a genealogy weekend. You deserve the time to relax, kick back, and just enjoy yourself in your genealogy."

Stay tuned for the next post, where we'll look into strategizing your class schedules for RootsTech and ensuring you make meaningful cousin connections!

Salt Lake Palace Convention Center, Salt Lake City, Utah
Salt Lake Palace Convention Center, Salt Lake City, Utah

Visualize yourself at RootsTech, amidst the hub of heritage and history enthusiasts, ready to dive into your ancestry like never before!

Join the conversation below and let’s help each other out. If I've missed out on any prep tips or you have some insights to share, do drop a comment. Your input not only benefits me but also the wider community tuning in.

Who else is counting the days until RootsTech 2024? Let's get ready together!

If you're new to this journey, don't forget to subscribe to stay updated as we approach the genealogy event of the year. I’ll see you in the next episode, where we'll get into the finer details of creating lasting connections at RootsTech. Until then, keep your genealogy passion burning bright!

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