Podcast Episode 7: 5 Tips on Research in Archives

Five tips on how to prepare for your first visit to an archive to do genealogy research.

Podcast Episode 7: 5 Tips on Research in Archives

Denys Allen shares 5 Tips on preparing for your first trip to the archives. You can do these through out 2020 to develop your researching abilities.

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Transitioning from online research to in-person research in archives can be difficult. Prepare yourself using the five tips, plus bonus tip, Denys shares in this episode.

Listen in and you’ll feel comfortable making your first visit for on-site research!

  • Internet Archive has free digital books, most older than 75 years, that will help you. Create a free account and save your favorites.
  • BYU Script Tutorial is a free online course to help you learn how to read handwriting.
  • Reading Early American Handwriting, by Kip Sperry is an excellent self-study for most records you’ll use in Pennsylvania.
  • Convert Images (Photos) to PDFs on your mobile phone – there are many free apps available and this article from PCmag describes many and rates them. I’ve used the free version of Genius Scan for five years and it’s been reliable.

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