Introducing the Newsletter Just for PA Ancestors Premium Members

Introducing the Newsletter Just for PA Ancestors Premium Members

For the past 5 years, PA Ancestors has delivered a free email newsletter called PA Ancestors Discoveries featuring Pennsylvania genealogy resources. Over 1,000 subscribers have enjoyed this weekly newsletter and tell me they save every issue.

Now, I'm excited to announce a weekly in-depth newsletter just for PA Ancestors Premium Members called PA Ancestors Member Connections.

The Member Connections newsletter will feature:

  • Research guides to Pennsylvania genealogy collections, both off-line and online
  • In-depth walk-throughs of how to research in specific collections
  • Historical context for the colonial through modern periods, noting significant events that impacted your ancestors
  • How-to videos showing step-by-step research techniques
  • Ability to send your research questions of future podcast guests - Upcoming topics planned DAR Research Library, Camp Security Revolutionary War Camp, Scots Irish of Pennsylvania, and Union Army drafts.

Plus, Premium Members will have the ability to "vote" on content and immediately reply with comments and questions to any newsletter.

The goal of the Member Connections newsletter is to connect you to records you need and save you hours of research time each month. You'll also be able to connect with other PA Ancestors Premium Members in the community on Circle to share ideas and resources, and participate in the monthly Members Office Hours Q & A.

If you are already a Premium Member of PA Ancestors, you will receive your first Member Connections issue on Monday, April 29th.

If you are a free member of PA Ancestors and would like the new newsletter, you can upgrade your membership for a 40% discount. If upgrading does not work for you, no worries, you will still receive the free every other Wednesday PA Ancestors Discoveries newsletter.

Thank you for being a supporter of PA Ancestors and I look forward to providing you even more help for your Pennsylvania genealogy research.

Denyse Allen

Some FAQ's

How do I know if I have a PA Ancestors Premium Membership?

Login to your account, and check your membership level. There are two levels: Free or Premium. Premium Membership is available yearly, and you can subscribe anytime.

How do I get the Members Connections newsletter?

If you are already a member of the PA Ancestors Premium Membership, there is nothing for you to do to get the newsletter. You will begin receiving the Members Connections newsletter each Monday afternoon.

If you are not a Premium Member, you can join PA Ancestors Premium Membership with a first year 40% discount.

Why does this email look different than your other emails?

If you are a subscriber to PA Ancestors Discoveries newsletter which comes out on Wednesdays, those emails come from my email provider ConvertKit. The PA Ancestors Membership Premium Newsletter is generated directly from my website which is hosted on Ghost.

As a PA Ancestors Member, can I request a topic to be covered?

Absolutely! Just send an email to Denyse with what you would like to see in an article or video.

Can I unsubscribe from this newsletter?

Yes, just scroll down to the footer (bottom) of this email and click "unsubscribe."

Where can I find all the Premium Member content?

Everything for members is tagged "Members Only" and can be found by searching that term on the website, or here on this page

Are there any discounts available for new Premium Members?

Yes! You can join PA Ancestors Premium Membership for the first year with a 40% discount.