Podcast Episode 32: Researching African-Americans in PA

Researching the genealogy of African Americans in Pennsylvania usually involves using records beyond Pennsylvania records. Genealogist Dean Henry gives us tips on research in this podcast episode.

Podcast Episode 32: Researching African-Americans in PA

Genealogist Dean Henry of Family Pearl, LLC shares his expertise in researching African-Americans in Pennsylvania. The genealogy of ancestors of African descendent requires using records beyond the PA’s borders and Dean tells us how to get started.

Dean Henry is a Philadelphia-area Genealogist with over a decade of experience. We cover:

  • Misconceptions of African-American research.
  • Important record groups to use at the federal, state, and county level.
  • Key groups to join on your family history journey.
  • Fun finds from Dean’s research.

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  • Afro American Historical and Genealogical Society, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh chapters – AAHGS.org 

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