What Denys Allen is working on right now.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao / Unsplash

What Denys Allen is working on right now (updated March 23, 2023)

Next book: Researching in County Courthouses

Absolutely zero work on this this past week. My focus has been on making videos again for the YouTube channel.

Curry Family Research

Have a small stack of requests to make to Clearfield County for research. Hope that their researcher at the historical society is able to fulfill them.

ICAPGen Study Group

Working on the second half of proofs for the first generation. Realizing how poor my organizational system has been so far.

Podcast and YouTube

The episodes on RootsTech caused a pop in total subscribers to YouTube - from 473 to 860. Yay! 1,000 is the number to turn on monetization and I'm looking forward to hitting it.

Social Media

Have not posted much to social media at all lately. Doesn't seem to be impacting much of anything.

Inspired by Derek Sivers Now page on his site and my own desire to be public about what I am working on.