Photo by Nathan Dumlao / Unsplash

What Denyse Allen is working on right now (updated January 31, 2024)

The 2nd Discover your Ancestors Workshop is complete!

I’ve been day dreaming of running this workshop for two years and getting the opportunity to use my course design and facilitation experience again. It took my friend Jason telling me to set a day and just go for it, that finally pushed me over the edge. Having people who believe in you is so important.

Everyone who participated in the workshop made big progress in their genealogy research. And even more important, they feel empowered with a system and process to continue on their own. Genealogy research is hard and my goal was to provide frameworks to structure it, so people could effectively search all Pennsylvania’s historical records. Looking forward to refining these frameworks further.

Suprising to me was how much everyone enjoyed the community aspect and seeing everyone’s work. I added that component last minute on a hunch, and a good reminder to listen to intuition. Definitely moving the sharing up earlier in the next run of the Workshop.

I feel more motivated and encouraged to do my own genealogy after the Workshop - an unexpected bonus!

February 10 Days of Chronicles Begins

Managed to make some small upgrades to the 10 Days of Chronicles writing challenge, and am looking forward to the daily writing.

What is eluding me is a home on the internet for all this writing! Not just my personal writing, but everyone’s writing in the challenge. I want a Substack for Family History writing. This is my next project, I can feel it.

Getting ready for RootsTech

Only 30 days until we leave for Salt Lake City and I’m so excited to be going. There will be 18 classes running simultaneously at the conference, plus a vendor hall of 120 booths. Another dozen live sessions running online and hundreds of recordings. It’s almost too big to take in. I’m already applauding the organizers for pulling this all together and it hasn’t even started! The thing I’m most looking forward to is the positive energy. Planning on packaging it and bringing it home.

Inspired by Derek Sivers Now page on his site and my own desire to be public about what I am working on.