Photo by Nathan Dumlao / Unsplash

What Denyse Allen is working on right now (updated June 22, 2024)

This update is written at the Western Pennsylvania Genealogical Society 50th Anniversary Conference in Pittsburgh. For the first time, I set up as an exhibitor and spent last week creating signs for my conference specials and bookmarks to give away.

The next time I exhibit at a conference I will definitely bring books people can buy and take with them. I wasn't sure how many books to order and how to handle credit card payments. New things to learn in running this business.

Before the conference I spent a day with PA Ancestors Members researching at the Heinz History Center Detre Archives. There I learned about their Feme Sole records for Allegheny County. These are county courthouse records created in the 19th century and I've never seen them in any of the eastern counties of Pennsylvania. I'll be writing up a description of what I found for the weekly PA Ancestors Premium Member Connections newsletter.

In my off hours I explored Pittsburgh and fell in love with the city. It feels like a "right size" city, walkable with much of its early 20th century architecture still remaining. In Point Park I finally got to see the Fort Pitt Blockhouse and reconstructed wall of the original fort. It's fun imagining life in that fort in 1764, an undeveloped Pittsburgh full of trees and wildlife. I also saw people fishing in the river. I remember as a kid those rivers being so polluted that they were toxic to even go near.

Looking forward to returning to Pittsburgh and spending more time here in July.

Inspired by Derek Sivers Now page on his site and my own desire to be public about what I am working on.