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If you have PA Ancestors this is the podcast for you. I have learned so much about available repositories and their record sources to help in growing my family story. You can tell that Denys has a passion for Pennsylvania research!

Kathy K.

Family Historian

I started listening because I have deep ancestry in Johnstown, PA, but that’s not why I’m writing. I just LOVED your interview with Stewart Blandón Traiman! I listen to so many genealogy podcasts and this is the first time I’ve heard anyone discuss our LGBTQ ancestors. Much appreciated. Thank you.


Podcast Listener

Through your conversations with your experts, you convey the need to be a well-rounded genealogist/researcher. You reinforce the need to get background information when researching. Knowing what the prothonotary’s office does and the records they hold are essential when researching in PA. Telling people that you looked up the codes on John Curry’s death certificate hopefully opened a few eyes.I’m excited to see how your new season unfolds and to follow your journey as you learn more about the Curry family. I like that you’re doing season 5 this way. It’s a very different take on what you’ve done and on what other podcasts do. I think it will appeal to newbies and seasoned genealogists alike.Thank you for doing what you do and educating me more on my PA history


Professional Genealogist

I have caught up on each season, listened to those with archivists & librarians several times, as I get a better sense of Pennsylvania ‘then & now.’

Terri N.

Family Historian

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