Join the Inner Circle

and Discover Your Pennsylvania Ancestors

Inner Circle Members get access to articles, videos, and online meetings. Get the help you want to complete your family history research.

What’s Inside the Inner Circle

Your monthly membership gives you access to all of the following:

Online Courses

Currently in development and launching soon!

Research Q & A Sessions

Get your research questions answered! Find new records and new places to research. Get your research reviewed to see if you have enough proof. Held on Zoom. 

How-To Videos

Learn how to use online catalogs and genealogy websites. Don’t miss out on possible records for your ancestors!

First to Know

Inner Circle Members get notified first of any new projects I’m working on or launching. 

One-on-One Consultations

Have a sticky research problem you want to discuss in private? Book a 20 minute consultation on Zoom and make a breakthru on your research.

Genealogy Writing Hour

Spend focused time writing up your family history. Accountability and community! You’ll be amazed what you can get done in an hour. Held on Zoom. 

Plus, new genealogy resources developed in consultation with founding members of the Inner Circle.
Scroll down to learn more.

Ready to Make New Discoveries?

Do you wish there was a place where you could learn from a professional genealogist?

A place where you can have your questions answered, get feedback on your research, and go deeper into the history of your family?

I know that genealogy can be confusing, so to help you get the information you need, I’m excited to announce the beta launch of the Inner Circle.

You can apply to be a founding member today!

So, if you’ve ever felt like…

  • If someone could just tell you where the records are, you’d get somewhere
  • You want something different than Facebook groups
  • You have a lot of collected information, but not sure if you have everything
  • You could solve your own research problems with some extra help

Then the Inner Circle is the place for you!

I will be opening up the Inner Circle to everyone this fall, but if you want to be one of the first people inside, this is your chance.

Apply to become a founding member here.

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